2018 Meditation & Mindfulness 

Retreat Memories

2018 Retreat


July 26-29, 2018

Sedona, Arizona

Our retreat to the stunning and magical land of Sedona, Arizona was restorative, empowering, and supportive for connection on many levels. We learned meditation practices and techniques, using the medicine wheel to find balance within ourselves, we learned gratitude practices and self-reflection, as well as, the healing power of animal medicine in the painting of horses.

The Medicine Wheel

We learned how to use the power and knowledge embodied in the medicine wheel to find deeper meaning and connection to ourselves. 

Animal Medicine

Meditation in a traditional Plains teepee helped us set our intention for wisdom, knowledge, and healing with the horses. The images that arose in our minds became the artwork of our horses. 

A Magical Hike

We took a magical, mindful hike to Cathedral Rock where we experienced the beauty of the land around us. The shade of the trees and the coolness of the creek were a nice respite of the summer heat. 

Earth Medicine School of Healing Arts

We paid a lovely visit to the Earth Medicine School of Healing Arts and had the honor of using this beautiful space for a drumming meditation and healing readings.

The Amithaba Stupa and the Labryinth

We learned about a prayer practice of using the Amithaba Stupa to set intentions and offer healing not just to ourselves, but to others, and the world. We also practiced the art of releasing what no longer serves us through walking the labryinth.

And then there was the food!

The delicious vegan meals provided by Yolanda and Joseph of The Rainbow Kitchen were raved about the entire retreat! The ladies couldn't say enough about how tasty and fulfilling the food was. Eating vegan may not be something that appeals to everyone, but when focusing on mind, body, and spirit it helps to eat light and bright, especially in the extreme heat of over one hundred degrees! Mediterranean wraps, rainbow potato salad, black bean burgers, mango shakes, vegan brownies with coconut ice cream....and more!

Sedona Sacred Rocks B & B

We couldn't have had all of these beautiful, transformative experiences without the comfort of our lodging. Thank you to Meaghan McCue for the stay at her beautiful ranch and for her services in teaching the Medicine Wheel and sharing her healing with the horses. Safety, security, serenity......sounds like a beautiful affirmation to me.