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Movement In The Body In Meditation

The Camouflaged Heart: My Personal Story of Trauma, PTSD, & TBI.

How does this apply to meditation.

Non-Judgemental Awareness & The Camouflaged Heart

What is the connection between my experiences and what meditation teaches.

Trauma Toolbelt

It will never be just one thing that heals us. We must have a toolbelt of resources throughout our lifetime of recovery. 

Meditation Preparation

How To Prepare To Meditate

Learn the steps to take to begin meditating when dealing with trauma, ptsd, and anxiety.

Creating A Safe Container

Learn what a safe container is and why it is important when dealing with trauma and trying to meditate.

Breathing, Trauma, & Meditation

Breathing Meditations & Trauma Discussion

What to know about challenges with breathing meditation when it comes to trauma, ptsd, and anxiety.

Breathing Meditation Practice

Sit comfortably and join me for this meditation.

Forgiveness, PTSD, & Meditation

Forgiveness and PTSD Discussion

Forgiveness Meditation Practice

Our Recent Work

Focus As A Defined Skill Discussion

This video is specifically for military/law enforcement/first responders.

The Camouflaged Heart

This is a brief synopsis of where my book came from.