Peaceful Warriors

Restore yourself on retreat with Peaceful Warriors.


Do you dream of inner transformation?  

Do you seek to experience your life instead of simply surviving it?

Do you yearn to connect with the personal power within you?

The beauty of Sedona's red rock country is something that can only be described as breathtaking and restorative. Arizona is known for its'  abundant sunshine, but the energy that radiates off the rocks is far more powerful than the sun. Allow us to introduce you to its' majesty through our meditation and mindfulness retreat.  Restore your connection to yourself, transform from the inside out, and embrace your own personal power. 

Peaceful Warriors Meditation/Mindfulness Retreat

Empowering Personal Transformation

Sedona Sacred Rocks Bed & Breakfast Ranch

Thursday, July 26-Sunday, July 29

4 Days, 3 Nights Accomodations

Experience the power of personal transformation!

Peaceful Warriors 

Meditation/Mindfulness Retreat

Empowering Personal Transformation

Sedona, Arizona

July 26-July 29, 2018

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Go on retreat in a world-class destination.

Rejuvenate, refresh, and transform yourself from the inside out with author, meditation & mindfulness instructor, and Reiki Master Teacher, Susie Guckin. The perfect location to unplug, amidst the stunning red rocks surrounding the Sedona Sacred Rocks Bed & Breakfast ranch. Experience the beauty and energy of the land through meditation and mindfulness! Join us in a four day, three night accomodation retreat where you will stay in the rustic, quiet rooms of the Sedona Sacred Rocks Bed & Breakfast.

Make space, create time, delve deep.....for yourself.

In the midst of a busy world and a busy life, we all need to make space, time, and a way to reconnect with our true selves. It’s so important, now more than ever, to remember that we are sensitive to everything that happens around us and we must be seeking new ways to nourish and care for ourselves, body, mind, and spirit. During this retreat we will nourish, transform, and inspire ourselves through meditation and mindfulness practices to help us navigate our day to day life, as well as, experience meditation with a spiritual connection through the use of a medicine wheel, healing with the horses, various meditation practices, and connection with others. 

Nourish your mind, body, and spirit with knowledge, mindful practices, and the radiant company of others.

  • Explore meditation & mindfulness practices that you will be able to employ long after you have returned home from retreat. 
  • Feel empowered to delve deep and truly experience all that you are.
  • Develop a sense of compassion for every experience you have in life! Not just the positives and definitely, not just the negatives! Learn how to roll with the waves of life through meditation & mindfulness practices.
  • Restore, relax, and develop a sense of inner peace, knowing you are right where you are supposed to be.

 You can't miss this stunning hideaway in the red rocks of Sedona! 


Want to visit Sedona Sacred Rocks right now?  

Come away with me and click on this video!

Meet Meaghan the owner through this video! https://youtu.be/t_rc1piv5Y0

Retreat Details/Cancellation Policy:

4 Day, 3 Nights at Sedona Sacred Rocks Bed & Breakfast Ranch

Cost per person: $625.00

Pricing Includes:

Healthy, Organic Breakfast

Lunch & Dinner

3 Nights Lodging at the Ranch

Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness Practices, Light Hiking

Payment Information:

Check, Credit Cards, or Paypal Accepted

$330.00 non-refundable deposit due by May 30, 2018

$295.00 remaining payment due by June 29, 2018 (30 days prior to retreat)

Retreat Cancellation Policy:

Naturally, no one signs up for a retreat with the intention of cancelling their participating, but we know that life happens, so please read our cancellation policy thoroughly and purchase travel insurance to protect your trip.

It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making your reservation and down payment for the retreat. “Cancellation” is defined as not attending your Peaceful Warriors retreat, postponing, or rescheduling.

Refunds of your second payment only are available up to 8 days (less a $50.00 processing fee) prior to your scheduled stay or event. Your second (final) payment of $295.00 is refundable up to 8 days prior to the retreat, less a $50.00 processing fee.

Your total refund would= $245.00 up to 8 days prior to the retreat.

No credit or refund is available if you cancel on the arrival day of the retreat; if you do not show up, or if you leave the retreat early for any reason. No refund will be available if you attend the retreat or a program during the retreat and are dissatisfied with its’ content or presentation.

Cancellation: Peaceful Warriors & Susie Guckin reserve the right to cancel an event at any time, at which time a full refund of both payments and processing fee would be returned to you, constituting a full settlement.

Flights: It is up to you to schedule and book your own flight and transportation to and from the retreat location. Peaceful Warriors & Susie Guckin are not responsible for expenses that are incurred from airline tickets, loss of work, and/or any other associated costs relating to your travel. It is your responsibility to secure appropriate travel insurance that covers for contact with animals (horses) and hiking, as well as, travel needs. Phoenix-Sky Harbor Airport offers a shuttle service from the airport to Sedona, but a car rental is recommended. The drive from Phoenix to Sedona is approximately 2 hours. 

You may get your own travel insurance wherever you like, but you are welcome to peruse this site link below as an option.