I've been attending Vets on Weds. and its working for me. I can't explain it, but I strongly encourage this for all people with PTSD. Make the effort. We know sometimes its difficult to put yourself out there but at least try it. You might surprise yourself and come often.

John S., U.S. Marine Corps.

Susan is truly a woman with a huge heart and walks her talk. I've heard her story and am so impressed by her and how she turned a trauma in her life into a gift that she now shares with so many that need her. Good on you, Susie! We are very excited to work with you and help the Warriors of the world find inner peace.

Meaghan McCue, Sedona Sacred Rocks B & B

Outstanding experience. Sue is an amazing Reiki master. Perfect!!!

Kathleen B., Client

My experience was unbelievable. You need to be open and every persons experience is different.

Marie H., Client

Relax and enjoy your session. It's a unique experience for every person and it was absolutely wonderful for me!

Erin F., Client

Amazing place to go! Highly Recommended!

David F., Client

"This young lady is thoughtful and compassionate. She is one of the people that gives a person a true belief that everything will be okay."

Chester Whalen, Raytheon, Retired

To my friend-what an honor it has been to witness all you have taken on-the hard work, the training, the education, all for the good of those who serve and have served, to help bring them peace from their silent injury of war. Whether physical, mental or emotional injury, you give your all so that those who suffer may somehow find peace and a way back to the person they once were. I know how many you have helped, I know your selfless dedication, I know how much you love and care for our brave men and women who we call our military.

Victoria Sanchez-Pfeffer, Delran Police Department

"Peaceful Warriors". Two words. Two distant ends of the spectrum. Add a third, meditation and watch the spectrum spin. However, meditation provides an axis which almost everything can spin on. The benefits are infinite and a necessity for mindful existence. The idea that insurance companies are almost ready to pay for it, just about sums its' value up. A refreshing twist in realism. If you find meditation intriguing and believe you will benefit from it, you're on the right boat. This vessel will benefit your entire life and is thoroughly enjoyable, in my opinion. The mental and physical perks are now being touted everywhere. I don't think listing them is necessary but there are loads of them and documented endlessly. Meditation is no new fad at all. I feel it parallel's beliefs and practices that have been practiced since the very existence of man. I say, "Mind, body, and soul everyday and a favor for a stranger." Well, meditation fulfills all three. It is a favor for yourself and as beneficial to everyone you encounter. It helps all aspects of your life and simply makes for a better world.

With regards to Susie, her very presence speaks for itself. Her resume would read survivor, believer, teacher, author, patriot, asset to the military and their families, etc. and so on. All good. All positive. Learning from her is pleasurable and a quality experience. It's not like listening to a doctor preaching to you about the importance of how you should eat. She lives it! No interaction with another person is always perfect. At times we may have seen differently, but the focus and progress made is always positive and in the right direction. I can't express the value of meditation with Susie and would love to have anyone join me....on my dime....anytime. The light emanates from your experience and will always be brightened by having done it.

When we met, I nicknamed Susie, "The Meditation Angel", after knowing her, I know why I did.

Steven Petrowski, National Guard Veteran

Susie is one of the most gifted human beings that I have known. Caring and sensitive, knowledgeable and compassionate. She has helped many members of the Army community through the Warrior Transition Unit. She has spent countless hours in council with Soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq. And it is volunteer work: she does it as an act of humanity, a priceless commodity in today's world.

R.R. Firefighter/Fire Marshal/Fire Investigations at New York City Fire Department

"It's really amazing to meet folks who've experienced similar circumstances such as ours & hear how they've recovered. It allows each an opportunity to share as well as utilize their methods & combine with our own to further heal. Win - win for all!"

Pete Schardien

Truly an amazing person and educator, Susie is always volunteering to make the lives of Soldiers and others better with her knowledge, experience and special caring spirit.

Captain Rinier, Fort Dix Warrior Transition Unit 2014